In the ever popular Art Deco of the 1920’s style, this writing table desk is crafted in stunning Birdseye Maple.

Art Deco Desk

Antique furniture made out of Birdseye Maple is rare and coveted for its beauty. When all furniture was essentially handmade, you had to be an extremely capable cabinetmaker to be able to work in Birdseye Maple successfully, as it required extraordinary skill and specialist tools. This is because it has a divergent grain which is easily damaged and even the slowest of early woodworking machines could produce surfaces that were torn and chipped. It took many hours of detailed hand planing and scraping to buff these surfaces to the highest sheen. Because of this, labour costs were high, so Birdeye Maple was reserved for the best and most refined pieces.

This fine writing table desk has been made in three pieces and the grain of the wood is truly superb as can be seen from the picture above. The finish is superb and reflects the light almost like a mirror!

This beautifully Art Deco styled writing table desk features four drawers on each side with a slide out surface above each set of drawers. These are particularly useful when you are working and need the additional space to put things such as coffee cups without worrying about damaging the surface of the desk.

As a piece of furniture, this Art Deco desk is also extremely versatile and could equally well be used as a dressing table adding a touch of Art Deco glamour to any bedroom.


In excellent condition, please see photos to confirm this for yourself.


This fine item is priced at £1,400.00

Will it fit?

This desk has the following dimensions:

In cm: Height 78 x Width 180 x Depth 74; Height 71 x Width 60 – Kneehole

In inches: Height 2 feet, 7 inches x Width 5 feet, 11 inches x Depth 2 feet, 5 inches; Height 2 feet, 4 inches x Width 2 feet – Kneehole

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