Fine Antique Desks Selected For You

A desk is a very special place, it might be the place where you spend most of your working day – it is for many of us – but for others it is a place to visit when you want to think, or write a letter to a loved one perhaps. Desks mean so many different things to so many people and no one appreciates that more than us.

It’s for that reason that we take so much care in seeking out, buying, restoring and ultimately selling, the fine antique desks, bureaus and antique writing tables that we offer on this website and at our London showroom.

Before you can sell an antique desk – you have to acquire one

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? The truth is however that the art of the antique desk buyer is often undervalued and misunderstood. Top quality desks are not as easily available as you might think and many that do come onto the market are not in good enough condition for us to take into stock.

We do restore any desk we take on-board ourselves, in our own workshops, which are staffed by craftsmen with a deep affection for a nice piece of wood. If the desk in question is of special note, due to it being rare, unusual or from a well-known maker, then we might restore a desk that is in quite poor condition before the restoration. The problem of course is that for a lesser desk the cost of restoration cannot be recouped in the final sale price because it simply isn’t worth enough in the marketplace to justify such an in-depth restoration.

As a consequence, you will notice that the fine antique desks, antique writing tables and antique bureaus that we offer for sale are all of a very good quality and well worth any time and effort we’ve had to go to in order to make them ready for offering to our customers.

Your search for an antique desk should always start with Desirable Desks – It will Probably End Here Too !

Quite frankly, if you can’t find the antique writing table or desk that you are looking for here, it probably doesn’t exist or is so rare or unusual that it will never come onto the market. Our stock is constantly changing so be sure to check in regularly to see if the desk of your desires has come into stock. You no longer have to leave it to chance, we have an email notification service and can send you a quick email when a suitable piece comes into stock – we’ll also keep you up to date with our full range just in case you decide to look for a slightly different antique desk.

Do you fancy a really nice original tooled leather writing surface on your antique desk?

Not Just Desks – We Sell Antique Bureau and Antique Writing Tables Too

Yes, here at Desirable Desks we like to try and please as many desk lowers as possible. We also handle the occasional cabinet and we offer a great range of antique chairs too, along with our fabulous contemporary leather office chairs.

We’d love to see you here at desirable desks

That’s right, we have a showroom in London where you are welcome to see and try any of our antique desks or perhaps feast your eyes on our superb craftsman made contemporary desks which are made in our own workshops in a number of period styles.

Wherever you are, we can ship your Desirable Desk to you

A brave statement we know, and of course there are a few exceptions, but in the main we are able to ship to most destinations so if you see the desk you desire at Desirable Desks then we are ready to carefully pack it and send it to you -just be sure to request a shipping quote before you buy because it can add quite a bit to the overall cost of your antique desk.